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Sharing her views on the effect

  Sharing her views on the effect of the heat wave on our eyes, Dr. Vandana Khullar, Senior Ophthalmologist says “Dry eyes, allergies, and infections such as conjunctivitis are some of the conditions that can worsen in absence of timely medical care. Some common conditions caused by extreme temperatures include: Dry eyes is a condition in which high temperatures may cause tear film to evaporate too soon resulting in redness and irritation of the eyes. Also, high temperatures can cause serious harm to the eyes. A stye is a tiny swelling caused by a bacterial infection on one or both eyelids. It results in pain and redness and is commonly seen in children. Accumulated heat exposure can also produce adaptation, pupillary reflex, and shading of the eyes." Conjunctivitis or pink eye is also more common in dry summer months. Common symptoms include pink or red eyes, itchiness, an abnormal amount of tears, and a thick discharge that builds up in your eyes at night. Keeping your eyes hydr